How to measure pet and determine the right container

It is important to purchase the right sized container for your animal. The airlines use the above indications to ensure that pet have enough space to turn around normally while standing, to stand sit erect and to lie down comfortably with legs stretched out in natural position. 

The airline may refuse the shipment if any part of the animal touches, or comes close to touching the internal sides when standing, sitting or stretching out. Even container has ever been accepted by previous airline may be rejected by another airline if it is found not meet the standard of the IATA Live Animal Regulation.

Rigid Plastic/Fiberglass container is suitable. Container with top door entrance or with wheels is not acceptable. Wooden container may be subject to fumigation. Container must have food tray, water bottle with licker & floor blanket. Water bottle must be securely fitted.

“Remember that airlines apply freight charges based on ‘volume weight’ rather than actual weight.” Volume weight is established by applying the greatest length, the greatest width and the greatest height of the cage (in cm), divided by 6000 = 1 kg.
For example: Dimension of cage is Length=120 cm, Width= 80 cm, Height= 90cm

Volume weight = 120x80x90 divided by 6000 = 144.0 kg
Therefore, chargeable weight at 144.0 kg will apply even though actual weight is less.

For the volumetric weight is calculated on the dimension of the container/cage. The volume of 6,000cum equals 1 kg.

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 Note : We will not accept dog & cat less than 4 months of age.

If own crate available: Measurement