Blood Test Service


Blood Test Service

When relocating your precious pets to other countries, certain destination countries might require the pet to have a Rabies Serology Test (Titer Test) done at an approved laboratory. If you are specifically traveling to an EU Country, a Rabies Serology test for your precious dog / cat is MANDATORY. Furthermore there are many other countries in the world which requires Rabies Serology test done on the pet before entering the said destination country.

All the countries which require a Rabies Serology Test done, requires a Rabies Antibody Titre of higher than 0.5 IU/ml. For pets entering EU countries, the Rabies Serology Test must be done at an EU approved blood testing laboratory.
Through our partner veterinary team, we will collect the blood sample, separate the serum and we will send the serum sample to an EU approved lab immediately on express courier service. Petrelocation team will organize the Rabies Titer test at an EU approved laboratory on behalf of the pet owner.

If you require our assistance in order to do a Rabies Serology Test (Rabies Titer Test) for your precious pet cat / dog, please speak to one of our experienced staff members.

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